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Neem: The Miracle Herb

There is perhaps no other herb known to man that has so many and varied potential benefits for humanity. Neem has been used for thousands of years and has been widely documented in the ancient herbal healing science of India, Ayurveda. But the value of neem does not rely solely on traditional folklore. Rather, it is one of the most widely studied herbs of modern times, with hundreds of scientific papers having been written about it. The result of both traditional review and modern scientific evidence is that Neem truly is the “miracle herb”.

The Neem Tree, Azadirachta indica, is a relative of the Mahogany tree. It is extremely hardy and virile, able to thrive in a wide variety of climates and environmental conditions, and overcome deficiencies of the soil or the climate with its native strength and vitality. This “signature” of neem is a sign in nature of its wide ranging ability to conquer adverse circumstances. The herb that we use contains this same over-arching power within it that we find in the tree and its vital will to live.

Traditional Ayurvedic lore holds that Neem has incredible ability to restore and maintain healthy function of the body in a number of ways. It is used internally to relieve excess heat conditions, as its bitter taste is said to reduce the quality of “pitta” (hot quality) when it is in excess. It is also used topically in soaps, crèmes and lotions for its ability to soothe and reduce “pitta excess” conditions on the skin that manifest themselves through heat, redness, itching and swelling, all indicative of “pitta” out of balance.

Science Validates the Uses of Neem:

Modern science is also studying Neem for its potential use in the field of medicine. Preliminary results and clinical evidence tend to support the extraordinary benefits of neem oil, neem leaf and neem bark. Other studies indicate that Neem supports the structure and function of the immune system. Again, while generally outside the scope of our product line, it is interesting to once again note the wide-ranging benefit of neem and how it is now being recognized throughout the world, and confirmed by scientific studies.

Those interested in learning more about neem and its uses might start with some of the current literature on the subject as follows:
The National Research Council, organized by the National Academy of Sciences, and acting under a grant from the Agency for International Development, compiled an extensive body of research on the many incredible beneficial uses of Neem. This information was published under the title Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems, National Research Council, 1992, National Academy Press, Washington DC.

Neem has also been the subject of a major book originally published under the auspices of the Neem Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to informing the public about the uses of neem, and now re-issued in an updated edition by Lotus Press, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, under the title: Neem: The Ultimate Herb by John Conrick. The author has compiled an extensive list of research studies and scientific reports done on various potential benefits of neem.

Citronella Outdoor Sticks:

Citronella Outdoor Sticks:

Back after a number of years, we are very pleased to be able to re-introduce the extremely popular Citronella Outdoor Sticks! Best of all, they smell great (much better than citronella candles in everyone's opinion). They have 3x the active fragrance of normal citronella candles, with a high percentage of geraniol which has proven mosquito-repellent properties. These are here for the summer "bug" season.

The NeemAura Product Line:

NeemAura recognized the value of neem as an herbal ingredient of extreme benefit both applied topically and taken internally. As a result, extensive research was done to develop the most effective way to deliver the benefits of neem to people, and this led to the development of the NeemAura product line.

The product line consists of the following segments:

Personal Care Products:

We supply a neem crème, a neem hand and body lotion, a neem herbal skin conditioning spray, and 4 varieties of ultra-sensitive neem soap. In addition we supply neem oil and neem extracts that can be added to your own lotions and crèmes, shampoos and conditioners, turned into a mouthwash, or in some cases used full strength directly on the skin. We will discuss some of these uses later more extensively.

Neem Aloe Gel:
Aloe's penetrating moisture saturates the skin, delivering Neem's components along with Aloe's antioxidant properties. This complex replenishes and protects your skin while maintaining its luster and health. Neem Aloe Gel is soothing to hot or irritated skin, and helps nourish and moisturize. This gel absorbs quickly and completely without leaving a sticky film on the skin's surface. Cruelty-free (never tested on animals), no animal ingredients, paraben free, and vegan-vegetarian.

Herbal Dietary Supplements:
We supply neem capsules, neem extracts and neem leaf and powder, so that you can make teas or encapsulate neem on your own in combination with your other favorite herbs.

Bulk Neem Products:
We are a major importer of the highest quality Neem Oil, organically grown Neem Leaves and Neem Bark. As such we have located the best sources of Neem around the world to ensure that we are always able to supply the cleanest, highest quality, fully certified and guaranteed Neem products anywhere. We have organically grown neem leaf available in both whole leaf and powder form so you can develop your own uses for this incredible herb. We also supply neem bark powder. Once you begin to explore the wide-ranging uses of neem, you will find that our bulk neem products help you to develop and formulate for your own specific needs and uses.

Neem Cream:
Our Neem Cream is a highly concentrated face and body cream. The organically grown neem leaf is extracted directly into the aloe vera base, together with other synergistic herbal components such as St. Johnswort, Chamomile, White Willow bark, Grape Seed, Arnica, Horse Chestnut, Thyme, Goldenseal, Barberry and Ivy Leaf extract. We use an extra potency of Neem Oil to create a highly concentrated topical cream which is very soothing and moisturizing. Our unique extraction process means that we are able to produce this product with no water. It contains our exclusive NeemAura ® Moisturizing Complex, which means you get the benefit of the neem oil, the herbal extracts and the aloe vera all in one. Our most popular product, a little goes a long way!

Neem Hand and Body Lotion:
This product restores and maintains healthy, radiant skin. This is a soothing, nutritious lotion suitable for face, hand and body. It contains our exclusive NeemAura ® Moisturizing Complex featuring Aloe Vera and Neem, along with synergistic herbal partners. This product makes a wonderful and refreshing general moisturizing lotion suitable for use on the entire body. It absorbs quickly and is non-staining. It is also frequently used for shaving or as an after-shaving lotion, and after exposure to wind or sun.

Neem Soap: Our soap is produced in small batches by hand from neem oil and other essential oils in a vegetable oil base. The soap is especially useful for anyone with sensitive skin, as it is ultra-mild, deep cleansing and moisturizing. It is available in 4 different ultra-sensitive formulations. You can choose from our Refreshing Citrus (for all skin types), Mint (for normal to oily skin), Lavender Oatmeal (for normal to dry skin), or Cornmeal Honey (for combination skin) blends.

Neem Aura Skin Salve:
The active power of neem now available in a topical skin salve. Organically grown Neem Leaf in a vegetable oil base. No animal ingredients. No animal testing. Helps maintain healthy skin. Useful for minor irritations and dryness.

Neem Topical Oil:
Concentrated, 100% pure virgin cold pressed wildcrafted Neem Oil has been found useful for a number of skin and scalp concerns. We import the finest quality neem oil with a measured azadirachtin content in excess of 1500 ppm. It can be used either full strength or added to shampoo, lotions or creams to enhance the neem action on the skin. Note that pure Neem oil has a distinctive odor, which causes many to prefer our cream or lotion as the best way to apply neem to the skin.

Neem Leaf Capsules:
Our neem leaf capsules are made from organically grown neem leaf in a vegetarian capsule. As an herbal dietary supplement, used daily to help support proper immune system function and as a part of the diet to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. (*note that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.) It is free of salt, sugar, corn, soy, yeast, wheat, dairy products and are formulated without preservatives, flavors, colors or excipients. Each capsule contains 400 mg. of Neem, and is considered to counteract Pitta (fire element) imbalances.

Neem Leaf Extract:
We supply our extract in both a regular strength and triple-potency form. These alcohol extracts are made under our direct control in small batches to assure the highest quality result. Our original regular strength extract utilizes a 1:15 dry herb to menstruum ratio. Triple potency utilizes a 1:5 ratio. An extract is the fastest way to get neem to work in your body as a dietary supplement.

Neem Herbal Pet Spray:
Use NeemAura Neem Herbal Pet Spray before and after your pet is exposed to irritating elements such as too much heat and allergens and to reduce irritation resulting from insect bites. NeemAura can soothe the effects of irritated skin no matter what the cause. Don't let your pet suffer. This spray can also be used to get a shiny, glossy coat for your pet and a healthy radiance.


Future Product Developments:
NeemAura ® continues to develop new products to exploit the amazing properties of neem. Some products we are actively developing for the future include a Neem Shampoo, Neem Conditioner, and Neem Tea.
NeemAura ® products are available nationwide through Natural Food Stores, alternative health practitioners and internet natural product suppliers.

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Sources utilized to compile this information include the following:

Neem: The Ultimate Herb, John Conrick. Originally issued under the auspices of the Neem Association. Updated edition Lotus Press, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, 2001.

Neem, The Ultimate Herb is the most comprehensive book about neem, the world's most amazing plant. This book provides easy-to-understand instructions for using neem along with credible scientific evidence as to its effectiveness. After finishing this book, you will understand and appreciate the amazing qualities found in neem. You will also be able to more intelligently select quality neem products for your own use.

Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems, National Research Council, 1992. National Academy Press, Washington DC.

The National Research Council is made up of members of the National Academy of Sciences. They undertook to study the incredible potential of the neem tree. This book is the report of their findings. Spanning a wide range of practical applications. The studies that are discussed in the book show that neem is one of the most valuable natural resources to solve a wide variety of global issues and concerns. The book contains extensive information including citations, safety tests and resources for follow up.

The Yoga of Herbs: An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbal Medicine, Frawley and Lad. 1986, Lotus Press, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

For the first time, here is a detailed explanation and classification of herbs, using the ancient system of Ayurveda. More than 270 herbs are listed, with 108 herbs explained in detail. Included are many of the most commonly used western herbs with a profound Ayurvedic perspective. Important Chinese and special Ayurvedic herbs are introduced. Beautiful diagrams and charts, as well as detailed glossaries, appendices and index are included.

Miracles of Neem Tree, Verma. Rasayan Pharmacy, New Delhi, India, 1988.

Neem was featured in the Doctors Prescription for Healthy Living Newsletter during 2001.

How to Find Our Products at Retail: NeemAura products are available at most major natural products stores and online retailers.  If you shop at a store that does not carry the item you are seeking, please ask them to carry it as it is available from their distributors in most cases.  If you cannot find our products locally, you are welcome to purchase them through our online store.
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How to Find Our Products Wholesale: If you are a retailer interested in selling NeemAura's products, you may contact us directly at Lotus Brands, P O Box 325, Twin Lakes, WI 53181 USA, 262 889 8561 (office phone); 262 889 2461 (office fax). Of course, should you not be able to purchase any of our products through the distributor of your choice, we shall be happy to serve your needs directly. Some of the distributors carrying our product line include: United Natural Foods (UNFI), Mountain Peoples Distributors; Rainbow Distributing; Lotus Light Natural Body Care; Tree of Life and many more.


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